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Welcome to Canvas, designed by Citi.

A community designed to let you test, collaborate and influence the latest ideas for you and your money.

Canvas, designed by Citi, is focused on progress. It’s You-Powered. And that’s exciting. Creating the future of banking should be.

Ready to invent what’s next?

Play with new ideas. Tinker with the results. Make your voice heard. And create something that truly fits your life.

This community is that space.

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What if reclassifying expenses changed how you viewed spending money?

Members of the community are exploring how viewing expenses as Wants, Needs and Goals affects how they think about spending money.

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What if you could see how your daily activity affected what you spend?

Members of the community are discovering if the steps they walk each day impact spending.

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Imagine if freelancers had the flexibility to take their business to new heights.

We’ll soon test a line of credit that gives freelance workers faster access to working capital.

Want to know more?
Read our FAQs.

  • What is Canvas, designed by Citi?

    Canvas is Citi’s very first beta-testing community and testing platform where members may be asked to contribute ideas to applications, websites, polls and more. It was created to give you, and other special Citi customers, an active role trying what’s new and innovative at Citi. If you want to see if you can impact and co-create the future of banking, click here.
  • Why was the community launched?

    Canvas was designed by Citi Fintech to gain a fresh understanding of how different banking experiences and ideas fit your unique lifestyle. By creating a new community, we can more easily develop innovations and new capabilities that truly meet your needs.
  • How does Canvas, designed by Citi work?

    It’s quite simple. When we release a new test, we’ll open it up to the community to see who may qualify to help. If you’re picked, you’ll be able to use, challenge, and shape how that new feature, experience or product develops.
  • How can I learn more about upcoming tests?

    The quickest way is to join now and register to be considered a future beta tester. You can also check back on this site for updates.
  • How do I become a Canvas, designed by Citi beta tester?

    Just click here to join, then follow the simple directions to register your interest. When we’re ready to launch a test, we will reach out to see if you meet the testing criteria. We’re glad you’re interested!
  • What will I be doing?

    Anyone that’s chosen for a beta-test will have a front row seat to test and try out and co-create the newest Citi features, experiences and products. By giving your feedback, you’ll help improve the design and development of the idea. Check out our current tests to see what some members of the community are working on now.
  • What are my commitments?

    Nothing too intense. After all, you’re here to help. We just ask that you give honest feedback so we can evaluate how these features, experiences and products can best be shaped to benefit you.
  • Who can join in?

    Right now, Canvas, designed by Citi is only open to Citi customers in the US. You just answer a few questions when you join so we can evaluate if there are any current tests that are right for you. We’ll also reach out as new tests go live to see if you qualify.
  • Why should I participate?

    You should sign up if you’re interested in testing, influencing and co-creating the future of banking. It’s a unique opportunity for us to collaborate, so we’d love to have your help.
  • What happens to my data that’s collected from each test?

    Any data or personal information collected as part of your contribution to Canvas, designed by Citi is secure. Any insights and opinions you provide are confidential information of Citi. It will not be sold or used for marketing purposes.